Bogor Old and New Contest, is a HAM Radio competition that aims at improving the operating skills of its participants.

I. Participants : Licensed amateur radio operators.

II. Objective : To contact as many participants as possible according to the rules of the contest.

III. Entry Categories : There are four categories on 80m, 40m and 10m band, although if an entrant wants to enter on only one band, that is perfectly fine. Nevertheless the results will be adjudicated according to the following categories:

Single Operator SSB Indonesia
Single Operator SSB DX (Ouside Indonesia)
Multi Operator SSB Indonesia
Multi Operator SSB  DX  (Ouside Indonesia)

IV. Contest Date and Time : December 31, 2023 fm 09:00 – 23:59 UTC.

V. Bands : 80, 40  and 10 Meters :

Suggested contest band portions

80 M : from   3.650 KHz to   3.900 KHz
40 M : from   7.050 KHz to   7.200 KHz
10 M : from 28.320 KHz to 28.600 KHz

VI. Power : No limitation (according to maximum permitted in license)

VII. QSO Points :

QSO with DX Station (other continent) 5 point
QSO with DX Station (same continent) 3 point
QSO within same country 1 point

Bonus Point

QSO with 7E1A : 11 point
A station can be worked only once per band.

VIII. Multiplier :

First QSO with New Prefix : 1

IX. Contest Exchange : RS + Age (for YL is 00, MO is 01)

Example: 59 35 (please don’t forget change age in N1MM log selection)

X. Final Score : Sum of QSO point times the sum of multipliers worked.

Example : Final score = 100 Points x 11 Multipliers = 100 x 11 = 1100 points.

XI. Valid Contacts :

Contacts will be valid if:

Times of QSO match in logs ( ± 3 minutes)
Band match in both logs
The copied callsign matches
The copied RS – Age matches
XII. Logs : Contest logs must include the following information.

  • UTC time of each QSO in four-digit format, e.g. 1215
  • Frequency of each qso in four digit format depending on the frequency e.g. 7155
  • Complete callsign of each worked QSO
  • RS sent        : Age number Sent, e.g. 35
  • RS received : Age Number Received, e.g. 50
    Contest UDC (User Defined Contest) for N1MM Logger, available at here

XIII. Log Submission : Logs must be upload at here

XIV. Log Deadline : January 31st, 2024.

XV. Certificates : Will be electronically issued to all entrants by web.

XVI. Plaque :

Single Operator

  • 1st – Indonesia Winner
  • 2nd – Indonesia Winner
  • 3rd – Indonesia Winner
  • Indonesia Call Area Winners (minimum of 10 log entry / call area).
  • 1st World DX Winner
  • Continent Winner (minimum of 5 log entry in Continent)

Multi Operator

  • Indonesia Winner – Plaque
  • World DX Winner – Plaque

Single Operator YL

  • YL Indonesia Winner (minimum of 10 log entry)
  • YL DX Winner (minimum of 5 log entry)

XVII. Contest Terms :

  • Self Spotting is not permitted
  • Only one signal is allowed to work on one frequency
  • BOANC Contest Committee can disqualify contest participants who break the rules
  • BOANC Contest committee’s decision is final and cannot be contested