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A Contest is a communication activity which each participants with all their efforts obtaining a communication links as much as possible. All participants should be noticed and realized that to establish a short and complete communication have to accordance the rules that has been determined by the contest organizers.
The end of year 2017 was on the horizon, and all of the people in the world welcoming the year 2018 with a lot of joy, of course the Contesters will never miss the turn of the year with this kind of contest activities that have been implemented for the ten time.
In 10th Bogor Old and New Contest as in previous years will be using SSB / Phone Mode at 40 and 80 Meter Band with 12 hours duration. With 2 categories : SSB Indonesia and SSB DX. This event will use the N1MM Logging Software as a reporting log which can be downloaded from DOWNLOAD page, but we will still accept paper log.
With our humility, the entire committee of 10th Bogor Old and New Contest invite all the fellow Amateur Radio to participate in this annual event. We are continuously seeks to improve the event and in any arrangements for the Bogor Old and New Contest, so we can present it to become a better event every year.
With our sincerity we would like to apologize if during the preparation, execution until an announcement there are things that are less pleasing. For the progress of these activities in the future, we expect criticism and suggestions in order to always be able to present a better contest activities. We expect a suggestion, opinions, questions surrounding the contest. it can be send by email: yc1zal@orari-bogor.org
We do not forget to say thank you for the parties participation to support the ongoing activities of 10th Bogor Old and New Contest, both of the Sponsors, Donors, fellow members of ORARI Lokal Bogor, and other local participating who gives a good contribution from moral to material so that the implementation of these activities can be succeed. Thank you to all participants and supporters, hopefully 10th Bogor Old and New Contest activities can be held smoothly like we are all expected.